- adjective (adj)

Meaning: aligned not curved

Antonyms: curved indirect twisted
- adjective (adj)

Meaning: orderly

Synonyms: arranged correct exact in order neat organized put to rights right shipshape sorted tidy
- adjective (adj)

Meaning: unmixed

Synonyms: concentrated neat outand-out plain pure strong thoroughgoing unadulterated undiluted unmodified unqualified
Antonyms: diluted mixed
- adjective (adj)

Meaning: conventional, square

Antonyms: different unconventional untraditional
- adverb (adv)

Meaning: immediately, directly

Synonyms: as the crow flies at once away dead direct due exactly first off forthwith in direct line instanter instantly lineally now point-blank right right away straightaway straightforwardly straightly undeviatingly
Antonyms: later
- adverb (adv)

Meaning: honestly

Synonyms: candidly frankly in plain english no holds barred no punches point-blank
Antonyms: dishonestly indirectly

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