- adjective (adj)

Meaning: conservative politically

Synonyms: die-hard old-line orthodox reactionary right wing traditionalistic
Antonyms: left
- adjective (adj)

Meaning: opposite of left

Synonyms: clockwise dexter dextral right-handed
Antonyms: left
- adverb (adv)
- adverb (adv)

Meaning: appropriately, suitably

Synonyms: acceptably adequately amply aptly becomingly befittingly fittingly properly satisfactorily well
Antonyms: inappropriately unsuitably wrongly
- adverb (adv)

Meaning: fairly, justly

Synonyms: conscientiously decently dispassionately equitably ethically evenly honestly honorably impartially lawfully legitimately morally objectively properly reliably righteously sincerely squarely virtuously without bias without prejudice
Antonyms: unfairly unjustly wrongly
- adverb (adv)

Meaning: beneficially

Antonyms: unfairly
- adverb (adv)

Meaning: directly, without delay

Synonyms: at once away direct due first off forthwith immediately instanter instantly now promptly quickly right away straight straight away straightly undeviatingly
Antonyms: indirectly
- noun (n)

Meaning: justice, morality

Antonyms: corruption immorality injustice unfairness unjustness wrong
- verb (v)

Meaning: fix, correct

Synonyms: adjust amend balance clean up compensate for debug dial back doctor do justice emend fiddle with fix up go straight launder make up for mend overhaul patch pick up put in place put right recalibrate recompense recondition reconstruct rectify redress repair restore reward scrub set straight settle set upright shape up sort out square straighten straighten out turn around vindicate

Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.