- adjective (adj)

Meaning: composed

Synonyms: calm cool in sync stable well-adjusted well-balanced wellorganized
Antonyms: imbalanced unstable upset worried
- adverb (adv)

Meaning: as a group all at once

Synonyms: all together as one at one fell swoop closely coincidentally collectively combined commonly concertedly concomitantly concurrently conjointly contemporaneously en masse hand in glove hand in hand in a body in concert in cooperation in one breath in sync in unison jointly mutually on the beat side by side simultaneously synchronically unanimously unitedly with one accord with one voice with the beat
- adverb (adv)

Meaning: in a row

Synonyms: consecutively continually continuously in succession night and day one after the other on end running successively unintermittedly without a break without interruption
Antonyms: separately

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